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Single Mommies Matter


Single Mommies Matter is a wonderful organization.  I heard about this organization from a coworker about 5 years ago but I did not attend my first Single Mommies Matter Luncheon until 3 years ago.  I was in complete amazement at the lengths Ms. Sha had gone to to ensure that single mothers knew they were not forgotten.  As a single mother it gets hard and stressful at times because there is such a negative stigma that is usually attached or portrayed upon single mothers.  After leaving my first luncheon I felt so empowered, loved, and like for once someone understood what it means to be a single mother.  I had gained some valuable insight into resources that are available right here in our very own community. I also gained some very good friends who have been consistent motivators, inspirations and a shoulder to lean on when I need it.

Thank you Single Mommies Matter for loving on a group of women who sometimes get lost in the shuffle of juggling daily life, children, jobs, school and whatever else may come our way.
Rossetta Jackson

“SMM has been not just a motivation, but a BLESSING! I always knew that there were other single mothers in the world but I never knew that they went through more than what I’m going through and still became the successful women they are today. The fact that there are so many people out there that’s willing to give me/us a special day and to let us know how our work doesn’t go unrecognized is just…..I can’t think of any words to describe it but it’s a wonderful feeling. I’ve only been to three or four events and I promise that each one has made me realize how hard I work for my babies and that I’m not alone. Being a single mother isn’t easy but I never show it. What doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger! We are so blessed to have Mrs. Sha in our lives.” 

Daphne Love