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Single Mommies Matter

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Our Story

The specific purpose of Single Mommies Matter (SMM) is to provide cultural enrichment, education, empowerment, and encouragement to young, low-income single mothers, ultimately helping them meet their mental, physical and spiritual needs. 

Doing so will help them  embrace their full identity in Christ so that they can raise their children in a nurturing environment with a solid moral foundation. SMM’s primary focus is on single mothers (those responsible to provide for their children and is the head of the household); however, assistance is given to all single parents. In addition to SMM’s signature annual luncheon, it has hosted Money Matters workshops to reinforce the importance of financial literacy and teach single parents about money management and how to take care of their home.  This will ultimately  keep the incarceration and unemployment rates down. SMM provides resources related to day care, bills such as housing and utilities, Medicaid, and food and nutritional assistance. 

SMM’s community work has been featured in the Kentucky New Era.


To assist single mothers/parents in discovering and valuing their self-worth through education, empowerment, encouragement and by equipping them with valuable resources.

Vision Statement

To educate, empower, encourage and equip moms/parents to know and value who they are and the role  they are to play in the lives of their children, ultimately being able to nurture, provide and protect their children at all cost.  

“Single Mommies Matter has truly blessed my heart in several ways. The very first luncheon I attended I was in a broken place not really sure if I could do motherhood alone. The women of SMM encouraged me that God would see me through and that I was right where God wanted me to be.” 

Rose Jackson

Single Mommies Matter

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